Emilia Tongson Art Direction + Design

During my summer internship experience at Ogilvy, creative interns were assigned to get to know a fellow intern and create an activation based on an aspect of their personality. For this project, I created an immersive dining experience for my fellow AD intern, Daniel T.—whose unique personality trait was a dislike of sauce in food.


Daniel's: The Sans Sauce Experience



Daniel's most interesting trait Is his aversion for sauce.


What if there was a restaurant that served only sauceless food?


Part I: The Brand

The idea of a meal with no moisture sounds like a choking hazard. But by giving the restaurant a bright, warm, and punchy feel, customers will be led to focus on the taste and quality of Daniel's, which will serve comfort food.

Part II: The Campaign

How do you introduce the masses to a never-before seen (or tasted) culinary experience?

Free samples, of course.


Create an immersive experience to lead people into the tasty world of Daniel's.

The activation would be a space with various galleries for picture taking and food tasting.

Guests could find themselves exploring the texture of Daniel's food in an Auditory Sauceless Mukbang Room.

Sauce bottle souvenirs would be available for sale at the end of the experience as well.

Except these bottles of sauce would definitely not include any sauce in them.



The project was presented in front of the creative interns including Daniel himself, as well as senior level creatives--all of whom approved the idea of the restaurant, as well as the activation.


Branding an original restaurant is tricky. Branding a sauceless one is even trickier. But this challenge made way for a fun, new identity off of a one-of-a-kind stance on food.


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