Emilia Tongson Art Direction + Design

The Paints With Purpose campaign was launched by Ogilvy with the goal of brand awareness for Pittsburgh Plate Glass. My primary responsibilities were to create the programmatic web banners, with David Marino (AD), David Shin (CW), and Andrea Scotting (CD).

PPG: Paints With Purpose



PPG's paint can be used for more than just coloring purposes--in fact, their paint is capable of cooling surfaces.


Show off applications for the paint in ways that humanize the brand and bring it to a personal level.


Launch a Paw Paths activation, where dogs will be able to walk on a cooler section of the sidewalk reserved only for them, similar to a bike path.

campaign video

early iterations

final output versions


The web banners were approved, and were also translated in different languages to be displayed on websites internationally.


Although banner ads may be considered outdated by some, in this project I learned that they are still a common way to build brand awareness, and are still considered in countries outside of the U.S. I also learned that while the resulting banners can be simple, working within the project constraints while having different sizes yet a consistent look can be tricky.

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