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Emilia Tongson



Arizona State University: Here




How do you convince people to stay in college, at the beginning of a pandemic? 

How do we tap into the reality students are facing in (what was, at the time) the beginning of the pandemic?

How do we make sure there is a diverse range of students, across race, gender, and age represented authentically?

These were all questions we answered on this project, on a timeline of about a week.

Team: Erica Gelfand (CW), Juan Dominguez and Nicky Lorenzo (CD), Renata Florio (ECD) at Ogilvy NY.




Arizona State University: No Wrong Turns

How do you challenge the assumption that grad students always come fresh out of undergraduate school?

Team: Brandon Pugach (CW) and Eric Aronin (CD) at Ogilvy NY.


Potential students are targeted first through banner ads:

The banner ads then direct the viewers towards landing pages specific to their targeted banner:


Then, from their request for Information from the landing pages, they'll be sent more information through their newsletter: