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Emilia Tongson Art Direction + Design



Arizona State University: Here


How do you convince people to stay In college, at the beginning of a pandemic?

With Erica Gelfand (CW), Juan Dominguez and Nicky Lorenzo (CD) at Ogilvy NY.


Over the week-long timeline we had for this spot, we considered questions such as:

How do we tap into the reality students are facing in (what was, at the time) the beginning of the pandemic?

What idea applies to different situations that show off ASU’s learning modalities: On Campus, ASU Online, and ASU Sync (hybrid online and on-campus)?

How do we make sure there is a diverse range of students, across race, gender, and age represented authentically?




Arizona State University: No Wrong Turns

How do you challenge the assumption that grad students always come fresh out of undergraduate school?

With Brandon Pugach (CW), Liz La (Producer), Eric Aronin (CD).


Potential students are targeted first through banner ads:

The banner ads then direct the viewers towards landing pages specific to their targeted banner:


Then, from their request for Information from the landing pages, they'll be sent more information through their newsletter: