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Emilia Tongson


This card game originated as a class project created while at UC Davis, with fellow designers Brantlee Griffith, Alexis Cruz-Rosales, and Sierra Sparre. The project objective was to build a campaign around solving a social cause or issue. In this case, the goal was to prevent sexual assault.

Responsibilities included: creative strategy, game design, copy



Mission Permission: Ask and Listen




The root cause of sexual assault is the lack of consent, which people are too soon exposed to by the influences of popular culture and media.


Teach children about consent at an age before exposure to sexual violence in popular media.


Design a game that highlights the importance of communicating consent, from matching intentions and verbal messages, to normalizing rejection in any interaction.


The game will be used as a tool to educate kids on how to communicate with others, like a classroom tool such as this:



branding and identity



astronaut characters




Early iterations of the game:

Final iterations of the game, developed beyond the scope of the class project:


The project was presented to the class as well as a panel of design alumni selected by the instructor, all of whom approved of the campaign in its entirety. As a result, it was then put on display at the UC Davis Design Museum. The project is currently in the middle of testing in classrooms.


Working on a social cause as delicate and serious as sexual assault and violence might be too complicated. However, through research we found that the idea of consent and communication can always be explained in the simplest of terms.