Mission Permission

This originated as a thesis project at the University of California Davis. 

The brief was to build a campaign focused on research and designing for social issues — in this case, to prevent sexual assault and harassment. 

Team: Brantlee Griffith, Alexis Cruz-Rosales, and Sierra Sparre


  • concepting, creative strategy
  • art direction
  • design
  • copy


The root cause of sexual assault is the lack of consent, which people are too soon exposed to by the influences of popular culture and media.


Teach children about consent at an age before exposure to sexual assault in popular media or real life.


Design a classroom game that highlights the importance of communicating consent, from matching intentions and verbal messages, to normalizing rejection in any interaction.

PART I: Branding

 Mission Permission contains 49 cards of unique astronaut pairs and action greetings, as well as 8 planetary cards. The game is a hybrid between a matching and a guessing game — easily learned mechanics that offer ways of learning reciprocal communication skills.

The game will be used as a tool to educate kids on how to communicate with others, like a classroom tool such as this:

PART II: Advertising